3 Advanced Chrome Extensions For Web Developers

Chrome Extensions are useful to reduce Manual Notes on every process in Computer world, Below Extensions are Advanced to Web Developers Life. Please Read and click to add this to your chrome browsers. Cookie Manager Manage cookies and protect privacy. Add, edit and delete cookies through toolbar. Search cookies if there are many Features – […]

Elgg Social Networking- BirthDay Remainder Plugins

Elgg is Social Networking Platform with Functionality to interact with People groups, Below Plugins to Extended features for cron based Elgg Birthday Plugin remainder Birthday Remainder Through E-mail only to Group members Cron Job creation for Birthday Remainder Through E-mail and it sends mail to members which group you having membership. Elgg Birthday Remainder for […]

Android App to Find Unknown Numbers around Friends Circle.

Truecaller for android shows you unknown callers before you pick up and also allows you to block unwanted calls. You can even update your phonebook with addresses, birthdays, pictures and information from linked in and Facebook! Did we mention that you can search over a billion phone numbers globally? Truecaller Android Search Numbers and Names […]

Tools to Learn Hacking Experience

This post is mainly focusing on Simple Tools to Learn Hacking (Black Hat Hackers) and Penetration testers. (White Hat Hackers), also which give`s basic idea to Web developers as well, Now Security Analysis is Main Process in Important Domain areas and related process. Tamper Data (Firefox Extension) Tamper Data is Featured Add-on To Firefox, it`s […]

Android Apps give mobility to IT Professionals.

Most UseFull Android Apps, to IT Industry Professionals, especially for Network Administrator and Web developers. Server Monitor (Free). This simple observation app will provide you with a warning if a server or a particular component/port of it goes down. this can be nice if you do not have already got a monitoring/alert system place into […]

Anti-theft Solutions for Android Mobiles.

Android Anti-Theft tracking i don`t Know its possible to catch thieves by alone. but its is useful to secure you data`s from unknown persons.below all some apps and solutions analyzed. i know that 6 out of 10 IT professionals having android devices,. Google’s Android Device Manager helps find your lost phone (only locates via gps) […]